Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. Yes. Please email HOSS within 5 days of receiving your item and have sent it back within 7 days and we will process your return.

Q. Can I return to the Church St Store?

A. Yes. You can drop off a return to the Store staff and they will pass on to the online team to process the return. The Store sales staff usually will not be able to complete the return process as they are not connected to the online portal.

Q. How long before my purchase is posted?

A. HOSS will usually process your order within two Business days and a shipping email will be sent upon despatch.

Q. Do you post items internationally?

A. Yes. HOSS has regular customers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas and are happy to post Worldwide.

Q. Do you have Boutiques in other cities, or other suburbs of Melbourne?

A. No. HOSS is only in Melbourne with a standalone flagship store in just the one Bricks & Mortar location.

Q. Is HOSS available in other stores?

A. Not currently.